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This is information about the medals that are awarded by New Order Logistics [NHCOC].

I will try to keep this information up to date. If / when new medals are added I will try and add them, or mention them in the comments.

Things change. People change. Interest rates fluctuate... and these medals are now being awarded with the following criteria / requirements... irrespective of what has been said / done in the past.

Here we go:

All medals must be qualified for whilst a member of New Order Logistics. The exception here would be "New Order Assassin" where you can join another corp for the purposes of an AWOX... (for example).

All medals requiring an ISK value for a kill or loss refer to the EVE Killmail value, not zkillboard or any other third party calculator.

The Supreme Protectors Medal: Awarded by the Supreme Protector for distinguished service to the EVE Community.

You do not need to apply for this one.

Golden Egg: Awarded for destruction of a non-compliant pilot's capsule valued in excess of one billion ISK.

Send the killmail when applying for the medal.

Solitaire Champion: Awarded for solo eradication of 100 non-compliant vessels.

100 High Sec solo ganks, meaning you got CONCORDED and there are no other Players on the killmail.

Either link all the killmails in an EVEmail (or mails) or link to the "kills" page of your zkillboard. This is a "lifetime" achievement, so it does not matter how long it takes you to get it. It is also one of the most time consuming to verify... so please take the time to be sure you qualify before applying.

Efficiency Expert: Awarded for exemplary battle efficiency - 100 kills at 99% efficiency

Using the zkillboard "stats" page, for 100 kills within one month with more than 99% efficiency.
(Ive never managed it).

Call me Ishmael: Awarded for conspicuous gallantry in the disposal of five non-compliant Orcas.

Be in a DPS ship on the kill mails of 5 orcas. Easy!

Knight Exemplar: Awarded for having your exploits featured on the minerbumping blog.

When applying please link the minerbumping blog entry. It needs to be a story about your exploits and not just "Kills of The Week" or "High Sec Miner Grab Bag".

Feel free to mail James your collected tears, chat logs and stories. Sometimes tales of daring do appear with some latency on the blog!

Saviour of Lost Puppies: Awarded for saving 25 misguided Retrievers from the dangers of romping in our space without a permit.

1) Have killed 25 Retrievers in one calender month.
2) If not solo, then be the person dealing the "killing blow".

New Order Assassin: Sometimes an agent will encounter a character or corporation that is so offensive to our vision of highsec that NOL leadership will order the complete and utter termination of their operations. This medal is awarded for the successful completion of such an order.

The medal has only been awarded once and is so good as retired. There are at the moment no "targets" that are getting special NOL attention.

Red October: Commemorative Medal October 2014. You had to have been there.

Super Perforator Honorary Medal of Freedom and Democracy(TM): You know what you did...

A medal awarded at the discretion of the directors when earned for services that don't qualify for other medals. Check the reasons for which it has been awarded in the corporation interface to get an idea of the sorts of things... not really one you can ask for.

Unicorn Killer: For killing an Exhumer of barge hull valued at more than 1 Billion ISK.

Send the killmail when requesting the medal.

A December to Remember:.Commemorative Medal December 2014. You had to have been there.

NOL Boomerang: For people that have come back... after joining another corporation within the CODE. alliance.

Not a credit, but at least to reward the people that tried to fit in elsewhere in the CODE. alliance, and failed. Self explanatory.

[NHCOC] Less than optimal!: For losing a golden (1bil +) pod whilst ganking!

Probably, once this medal has been awarded, you will get booted from the corporation.
Self explanatory.

Elite Star: For Elite PVPers.

Also not exactly recommended, but an award for people in The Conference Elite that have gone to the efforts of having an ALT in NOL in order to aid in our statistics (or whatever). We don't really need you, but welcome aboard. Have a medal.

In order to get the medal, send a mail from your TCE alt, linking your NOL character. Remember, claiming to be an alt of someone when you are not is against the EULA and can have unpleasant consequences!

The "Can't Keep Away" Award [CKAA]: No matter how hard you try, you keep ending up back here.

You can't ask for this medal, but somewhen you might get it awarded... if you keep coming back after trying something else.

Pillar of the Community: Awarded upon request from a thankful highsec dweller for dilligence in Code enforcement and exemplary customer service.

Get a permit holder to recommend you for the medal. Whether it was someone who witnessed you at work, or the target of a gank that then bought a permit. It must be connected to an enforcement action or a heroic chat in local, and then you can back up the recommendation with the chatlogs in pastebin, mail logs or kill mails.

Trump's Trash: Commemorative Medal. No longer awarded. You had to have been there.

Literal Sh*t: Awarded upon request. One per character.

Supreme Protectors Tip of the Hat(tm) Basic & Multiple: Awarded for gaining an official (multiple) "Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat(tm)" gazetted on
(Multiple awards are possible - it is however only fashionable to display one)

Buy New Order shares (see the "Shareholder" section of and either get calculated or lucky enough to gain the award, announced on the blog itself!

Monday, February 19, 2018

A Ganking Lecture

EVE UNI asked me to do a lecture about ganking. I tried to cover some basics.

I am trying to load the sound file here and the link to the slides. I linked some websites in the chat channel so there is (or should be) a working link there.

The Chat Channel:

And finally, if all else fails, there is the link to the EVE UNI forums, there you will find a link to the sound file if you feel like it:

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Never Give Up!

So... I introduced this RL friend to ganking.... they are very seldom logged in... and don't really *GASP* want to engage miners with CODE stuff....

But today they logged in for the first time for months.... went to an asteroid belt.... and there was an Endurance. A fucking Endurance (I have never managed to gank an Expedition Frigate in Asteroid Belts.... my friend already has a Prospect). And this fucking Endurance was flying towards them.........

So of course they engaged. Thank heavens for the (seldom) weapon link bug..... otherwise they would have an Endurance kill....

So some people log on after months offline an get a [relatively] rare ship served to them.... others fight for years and are fed with Ventures.....

Wi flag anyone?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thrasher Ganking Update!

The originator of this message was informed that the post would be put online.
Praise James!
Hello Agents,

I have good news for all the lovely shuttle ganking aficionados, especially plebs like me, who can only maintain one ganking character apart from the scout.

As you know, on-grid links are to be implemented come November. It damages the solo Thrasher playstyle somewhat, since gate gankers have benefitted greatly from the passive leadership bonuses, which will no longer work. It's still possible to use the links, but it involves a lengthy training for the specialized ships for your scout, like command destroyers.

However, in the course of their usual butchering of the game balance, CCP have given us a Halloween treat for a change. The PG requirements for small Minmatar artillery has been reduced on the test server - 6 MW versus the current 8 MW for 250 mm’s.

If they bring this change live, we will finally be able to throw away that disgusting reactor control unit and fill the second low slot with something more useful. Here are a couple of options:
Farvardin - Siege 4 Mk II Gyro - More gyro, more thrashing goodness. +30 points to DPS and +80 points to alpha. Woohooo!

Farvardin - Siege 4 DCU - A cheapo boost for your tank, which you never have too much of under gate sentries. Almost 2k EHP bonus. If it's enough for an extra shot, I'll take this over the gyro variant any day.

Farvardin - Siege 4 DCU II - The new max tank version, long live the king!

Please, note that the fits above are still very skill-intensive and will require max core fitting skills or good implants. However, the reduced fitting constraints will lower the entry skill barrier for the new gankers, and those of you who would like to try Thrasher gate ganking can always fiddle with the basic fit.

Other options may include a tracker enhancer for better damage application and, maybe, different rigs and midslots. I also havent't tried playing around with 280's yet - those have had their PG requirements reduced, too. Overall, I'm looking forward to seeing the new Thrashers work in practice.

Praise James!
-- S.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Quickie: The proposed bump mechanic changes!


As far as I understand it, the changes to the bump mechanics mean that any ship can warp off within 3 minutes if it is being bumped... regardless of alignment or whatever!

Brothers, doomsaying comes too soon!
Do not do a Gevlon, and give all your shit away before the changes go live!

Actually, I am pretty fucking fed up of having the same conversations again and again with people that do not understand how things work. (Do not fret, my NOL Brethren... I am not referring to you!).

What do the bumping changes mean to me? Well, I started my New Order life bumping. In fact, I was only bumping... and happy to bump miners (and freighters) in ice belts all night... listening to EVE Radio whilst toggling my MWD and showing the infidels their just desserts.

So. The bump changes mean that a non-AFK freighter has a chance to escape within 3 mins... if there is no gank fleet ready to launch. REWARDING NON-AFK PLAY IN HIGH SEC is a stunning and tremendous victory for the policies and beliefs of The New Order!!!

An AFK-Autopiloting freighter also has the same chances to escape... if the bumper tries bumping it whilst it is trying to warp across the system to carry on the route. If the bumper gets the autopiloting freighter when it lands 15 km away from the gate it wants to jump through... well then it is his to play with!! The freighter will be trying to "slow boat" to the gate... and not be trying to warp anywhere. As long as the bumper doesn't bump the AFK Freighter more than 150km from the gate... the freighter is at his mercy.

So not too much has changed. There are still enough autopiloting AFK freighters for everyone to be able to eat their fill. Happy Hunting!

Praise James! o7

Monday, April 4, 2016

New Order Ship Replacement Policy

Thank heavens for Salah, who remembered to save the forum post on the reimbursement policy before the forums went offline!

Remember to orient yourself on the "official" fits. Flying out with T2 Beam lasers might be funny, create tears and so on... but I do not think the Treasury will pay for such indulgence!

If anyone needs help developing their own schemes and methods for generating money... write to me... and I will send a couple of links your way!

In addition to the information below:

Gank Taloses are also available for reimbursement (unless you use them nonsensically, eg for Ventures)

I seem to remember that Vexors are also open for reimbursement... if someone can mail me a source for that I will make it official here...

New Order Ship Replacement Policy
Update for ALL agents requesting Ship Replacement (Reimbursement).

There is a lot of confusion about this process. First, the process:

Send an EVEmail to James 315 with the
subject line "Reimbursement 2014.01.01 -> 2014.01.15" (replace these dates with the time period you are requesting ship replacement for).

In the
body of the message, simply state the number of T2 catalysts you are requesting, as well as the number of Meta 0 or Meta 4 Catalysts you are requesting. Keep it brief, simple, and to the point.

Ships will be replaced at the following value:

Tech I -- 2 million
Named/Meta -- 4 million
Tech II -- 10 million
Ganking Cruisers -- 20 million

If you have purchased catalysts that you are handing out to other members, you may request SRP for them - but assume that requesting SRP for more Catalysts then your zkillboard loss record shows may result in a closer look at your actions to verify this. This is an honor system and, in the words of James 315, - "Things are tougher to keep track of when multiple pilots are contributing to a common pool of funds or handing out catalysts to others, but the principle should be easy enough to follow.".

In the
body of the message, include a URL link to your API verified character @ - THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. For example -
Be patient. James 315 will take care of your request as soon as possible. Don't annoy him or waste his time with reminders or pokes about the status of your request.
A message from the Savior Of High-Sec and the founding father of the New Order:
"When ships are handed out, gankers should NOT request reimbursement for the loss of ships that they didn't purchase themselves. Reimbursement from the Treasury is intended to help the gankers afford to continue ganking, and not as a bounty/payment for doing ganks. (Some nullsec alliances deliberately over-reimburse as a kind of payment, and it should be clarified that this is not intended here.) In other words, there shouldn't be any "double-dipping". Things are tougher to keep track of when multiple pilots are contributing to a common pool of funds or handing out catalysts to others, but the principle should be easy enough to follow."
-James 315

"In the case where a player is found to be "double dipping" or "gaming" the treasury for personal gain, they may be subjected to removal from the CODE. alliance (if a member), removal from the minerbumping chat, future reimbursement requests being denied, or a combination of the above."

DJentropy Ovaert (Approved as policy by James 315)

In other words - unless
you yourself paid for the catalyst, do not request ship replacement for it. You might get away with it a few times, but sooner or later it will become obvious and you will be BANNED from the SRP. Don't risk it. Respect the treasury! All of the funds come from donations from friends and fans of the New Order - and gaming that system for personal gain will not be tolerated.

***PLEASE NOTE*** - Random audits will be performed. In other words, admins may decide to look over your API verified Zkillboard at any time to make sure you are not "double dipping" or gaming this system for any personal gain. If found engaging in this type of behavior, you may be banned from any future SRP, removed from the CODE. alliance (if a member), banned from minerbumping channel, or other unpleasant things. Please, please, respect the shareholders.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Just my luck....

Just my luck...

Now that I am no longer having to act as a diplomat for our alliance (thanks John for saving me) I have more time to do stuff... sometimes stupid stuff but stuff anyway.

I decided, after selling off the gank-loot from the last few months, to buy 8 Billion in New Order Shares.
Of course... I had to do this in the same week someone bought 142 Billion in Shares... so no "top supporter of the month" for me!

Last time I decided to buy 8 Billion in Shares.... well... I missed the deadline for Malcolm Shinwa's giveaway by about 24hrs....... also just my luck!

Well... here's to more luck! Praise James! o7

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How to Megathron, the right way.

Originally Posted by John, 10-05-2015 at 04:22.

A lot of our members might remember the Fountain War when the CFC Megathrons literally blotted out the sun and crushed all before them. That was what we in the New Order refer to as "casual" or "social" PvP. What we are going to discuss is putting negative ten characters in battleships, flying them safely through highsec, landing them within 5000m of a target, and then killing the target(s) before CONCORD ends the party... or "elite" PvP.

Identification: It's important to develop an eye for opportunities to smartbomb bears. Sure, you might stumble upon a good situation and look like a genius to the guys in fleet but there is a better way. The anonymous citizen of highsec serves beautifully in this case. Bears hate other miners just as much as they hate us. You should pay attention when a bear convos you and tease out information that could lead to good situations. Such as that bot fleet that eats all his ice before he even undocks. Once you get a tip it's time to verify the target. Here's some pain, you will have to fly a scout to the system in question. I know, I know :effort:


Logistics: Anyone who has stocked a system will tell you that packing a station with SB Megas isn't something that is ever done. But the target is online, we have the numbers to do it, we need to move!! What do? Let's step back and observe a transcript from a real TS conversation where the logistics problem is identified and resolved. The names have been changed for opsec reasons.

Notloyal: Look at the link in TS, all those Hulks!
NotaTCEscrub1: <giggles>
NotaTCEscrub2: <keys up for unknown reasons>
Notjohn: I have a mackinaw ready to go...
Notloyal: Notjohn, can we drop down a channel?
NotaTCEscrub1: <giggles>
-change channel-
Notloyal: Let me borrow 2 bil...
Notjohn: No.
Notloyal: Bro...
Notjohn: We've been ganking freighters for 2 months, where is all your isk!?!
Notloyal: I haven't sold any loot yet.
Notjohn: ffs, fine!
Notloyal: Thanks friend! Let's go back up.
-change channel-
Notloyal: Notjohn, where is your freighter?
NotaTCEscrub1: <giggles>
Notjohn: 8 jumps out of Jita logged off.
Notloyal: Okay, I sent her 1 billion isk, log her on and get moving. Buy 6 and move them to <system>
Notjohn: Shouldn't that be 2 bil?
NotaTCEscrub1: <giggles>
NotaTCEscrub2: <keys up again>
NotaTCEscrub3: Can you buy me a PLEX?
-NotaTCEscrub3 is kicked from the server-
Notloyal: Alright guys, we're moving to <system> and shipping up? NotJohn, are you in Jita yet?
Notjohn: I haven't even logged on the freighter yet, what part of "8 jumps" didn't you understand!?!
Notloyal: Bro.

The next 30 minutes are a rapid fire, rinse and repeat of "Notloyal" asking "Notjohn" 1 of 3 questions:

1) How many jumps is the freighter?
2) You still coming?
3) Are you going to build them or are you going to trade them.

Let's roll: When it comes to moving -10 megas through highsec the most critical moment is the undock. The use of a good insta undock is imperative. If you haven't trained Spaceship Command and Evasive Maneuvering to 5 you will be escaping facpo by the skin of your teeth if at all. The fc must warp the fleet as soon as you land on the insta. Any delay will lead to disaster. You may get a web assist from facpo if you are slow. It's a weird mechanic that actually helps us get into warp. Sometimes you will see a scram icon from facpo but still get safely into warp.


After you jump through a gate take your time, stay cloaked, and make sure everyone is loaded before going into the next warp.

A time to die...: It's time to light up some bears. So I land and start mashing my f butans? That is correct, but let's talk about some other thing an "elite" PvP smartbomber should do while warping to the target. It really pains me to say this but you will need to turn on your tank. Yep, you're just like a thrasher ganker now. You should also overheat all of your cap boosters and 3 or 4 smartbombs. As you come out of warp quickly ignite your smartbombs and take a second to lock a target so you can watch the progress of the gank. If the scout gives you a common point to approach do that as well. Enjoy the light show... ZOMG CONCORD is here and our target isn't dead yet!!!!


Remember those overheated cap boosters? As soon as CONCORD insta neuts you get those fuckers turned on and you will be provided with enough cap to continue smartbombing. The trick is to play a game of whack-a-mole with your 7 smartbombs. Once you get cap, mash the ones that aren't glowing red and let them rip. It's not reliable dps but it is dps and every bit helps.

If you have any questions about some of the finer points feel free to hit me up.

Good luck!

edit: You can find our megathron fit in the CODE alliance bulletin.

Ours is not to reason why.... Thrasher Ganking

Update 10/2016:

Originally posted by Super Perforator 18-07-2015 at 19:44 (2201 Views)
Reproduced here for future reference (with permission from the author) are PVROCK's notes about Thrasher ganking.
Trying to make miners better people can be quite tiring, I quite understand. I suppose I'm pretty well qualified to talk about thrashers now, I'll do my best to help. This will be a little out of order but I'll try not to forget any questions. Some of this will only be applicable to the secondary fit I use, a mostly tech II autocannon fit for industrials, destroyers and tanky frigates. I'm probably slightly crazy for doing that, but I had the thrashers and figured it just meant stocking more modules and scanning more ships.

First I want to address the choice of system: isanamo has... a lot of gates. You should check whether people really autopilot shuttles on consistent routes through there. Ideally you want people to be going to the same gate 80% of the time when they come from another specific gate. Perhaps the nearby Litiura would be better? UemisaisenNonni traffic is dominant there, I did some ganking there before, although that was vexors rather than thrashers.

Something you should ideally train that's not obvious: Siege Warfare. That 10% shield HP really makes a difference, when ganking on gates with multiple volleys you really always need more HP.

I'd quickly like to address pulling with shuttles: that's not what I normally do, I do normally just undock rookie ships from a pull station, but you happened to look at days when there were multiple squads spawned and I had to dump shuttles at offgrid bookmarks to get CONCORD off the gates. I could've made rookie ships for this but there were a lot of shuttles in stock in the system.

I stay in Sivala between ganks, white knights be damned. I'll chase people sometimes if necessary or move the gank up a gate, but mostly I stay in Sivala for the ganking.

Bookmarks: I have a fair few. Naturally like any -10 I have instas of both types, but for the gates I have offgrids to bounce at if I need to wait for a target, these are in the line of traffic so that I can use narrow and wide dscan to distinguish outgoing from incoming traffic.

For the gank itself I have bookmarks at two specific distances, which I really should increase to three but I'm lazy: 0 and 15km. The 0 is for artillery use and lets me warp to the gate from anywhere in the system and land at approximately the right point to have a decent amount of time in optimal with low transversal. The 15 is for targets I need to be on top of to gank with autocannons. The third distance I want is 10, for targets that I need to start ahead of to stay within autocannon range of during the gank. The 0 could actually benefit from being even closer to the gate than 0 maybe, but the other side of the gate is too far and you don't want to potentially bounce off the gate when you warp to it. Um this probably goes without saying but all the bookmarks are lined up with the other gate by making the brackets overlap with the tracking camera.

Range: I've found that shooting as the target passes 10km on my overview, slightly under 2km out of optimal is close to ideal for my lag and not too close to correct transversal. It might be different for you. Speaking of that, transversal: I manually pilot to correct transversal, which is mostly caused by warp variance when warping to the 0 bookmark. Bookmarks in space are so useful for this! I used to rely on pointing the camera at the gate and looking at the line to the selected ship to determine what direction I had to burn to fix transversal, but with bookmarks in space I can simply see where the bookmark is relative to my landing, that is so much easier.

Scouts: I like the Vigil for scouting thrasher ganks. It doesn't excel in any single area but has decent cargo, good scan res, decent agility, decent speed. I always warp the scout to the gate while I'm warping the thrasher to the gate, at 0 if I am only expecting blue loot and at 15 or 10 if I'm expecting yellow loot. If it's really important that I loot I might even take a second to make the scout approach the target. When scouting I use sort by radial velocity a lot.

I always ship scan any target which could potentially fit tank, even rookie ships although that's definitely paranoia on my part. I cargo scan shuttles if there's a lot of traffic or they wouldn't normally be targets, e.g. 575 m/s shuttles with no sec status at all would never normally be targets. I also cargo scan everything that I would need to break out the AC thrasher for or would probably or definitely not get the pod for if I use an artillery thrasher. I never cargo scan anything that I have already decided I'm going to kill. When there's plenty of traffic to choose from this normally means leopards or anyone with visible implants. When traffic's slim this can just mean the first shuttle I've seen in five minutes.

Quick note about implants: you probably already know this but base shuttle speed is 500 m/s, base pod speed is 150 m/s. There are a lot of notable speeds with implants, but basically 172, 180 an 187 are clean pods, 575, 600 and 625 are clean shuttles. 779 is full HG snakes, 653 is full genos to name the two most expensive other speeds. Also if you ever kill a ship and it seems unusually tanky, check the damage taken for slaves.

I do have an iteron mk 5 (ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND, THE HITBOX IS TERRIBLE, use a bestower instead) in station for when I hit an industrial, which is a bit of a pain and one of the reasons I don't like hitting them unless they're amazing. Regarding scooping yellow loot when everyone wants to kill you... well I probably don't have to tell you this, but the main technique is press warp then loot when nearly aligned. Sometimes I'll use fleet access to jetcans to keep the indy safe easily if I'm looting an industrial wreck, but looting with the indy itself isn't particularly hard unless you're getting bumped.

Hmm, what else haven't I covered. I'm probably forgetting a lot, but let's quickly talk system security: 0.5 and 0.6 should work just fine for three volley artillery thrashers even if unpulled. In fact even if CONCORD is on grid you can get a shuttle and pod in 0.6 just fine, though I suspect not in 0.7. The autocannon thrasher benefits from pulling in 0.6. In 0.8 you can still get a shuttle and pod if the system is unpulled, but I think two volleys followed by a pod may be too much. In 0.9+ you need to pull to get a shuttle and pod.

Oh and when using autocannons on autopiloting frigates, there's such a thing as being too close, manual piloting is a must.

Oh, IMPLANTS! Yours, not the target's!

Slot 8 is pretty irrelevant, a medium turret would honestly be best to use a cruiser with the same clone
WU-1003 as normal

Oh I forgot some of the most important information.

There are hmm five different ways to do this at -10.

A) Warp between gates until you get a target in range, kill it. Doable completely solo with just a thrasher, you will miss a lot of targets and get pointed by neutrals a lot but it's casual and works.

B) Warp between offgrids until there is incoming traffic (using a combination of wide and narrow dscans pointing at the gate as mentioned). Still doable with no scout, you spend less time in warp but can't distinguish manually piloted from autopiloting traffic until you land on grid. Less getting pointed by neutrals.

C) Stay in space warping between offgrids while the scout's next door monitoring incoming traffic. A short warp to the gate makes timing quite easy.

D) Stay in station, undock and warp to an insta then potentially offgrids then a bookmark on the gate. You need to know the timing based on how close the target is to the previous gate for your specific system and gates.

E) compatible with all of the above) Have an orca or bowhead full of thrashers at the gate. Warp to it and board one to gank regardless of your current criminal timer.

Minerbumping Blog "Prime" Posts

A thread originally started by Kalorned... I haven't bothered yet to collate all the information, but the basics are here. If you want more info, you can try talking to LvG.
Greetings all,

If you are a regular reader of the minerbumping blog, you would know that occasionally James makes 'significant' posts, meaning the posts are more than just another After Action Report and instead touch on issues surrounding clarification/elaboration on The Code as well as other issues that arise at the time it's posted. I like to think of these posts as the official lore/cannon for The New Order of High Sec, as they often provide James blessings on previously uncharted avenues of emergent gameplay. With that said, here is my collection of prime articles. If you have any other articles you feel should be listed, please let me know and if I agree I'll append them.

CODE Translations:

April 15, 2014 - Ignorance of The New Order and The Code is not an excuse for lacking a permit
In an otherwise standard after action report from agents Nu'adu and Pestario Vargas, James recounts the story of Taylor Who who's retriever was ganked while mining ice in a non-compliant manner. A common excuse used by angry miners after being ganked is that they were unaware of The New Order of High Sec and The Code. At the very end of the post, James declares that there is no excuse for ignorance, in no uncertain terms.
Originally Posted by James 315         
The New Order's presence is too big to ignore, even for a bot-aspirant. They don't need a "warning" before they get ganked. They've already been warned. Carebears of highsec, the time for warnings is over. The time for payment has come.

We must not fall prey to the arguments that new players are exempt from enforcement by virtue of ignorance. It is well documented that all High Sec residents young and old voted for James 315 as Savior of High Sec in a 100% democratic process. Many 'new' players in fact are not new at all, they only purport to be so as they believe it will gain them some advantage, such as having an agent look the other way while the miner violates The Code.

August 10, 2014 - Kills of the Week (Incursion Runners are Targets)
In an otherwise standard weekly Kills of the Week post James 315 broadens the official list of bot-aspirant activities performed in High Sec requiring mining permits to include inclusion runners. James writes about the behaviour of incursion running pilots, they fit inordinately expensive and fancy modules to their ships while going AFK in space between their massively imbalanced incursion sites appearing. Not only is the risk/reward balance of these incursion sites very imbalanced, the tendency of going AFK is the final nail in the coffin for these pilots.

June 19, 2014 - Yes, All Freighters Need Mining Permits
On the heels of CODE.'s primary FC loyalanon making an EVE-O post warning freighter pilots about the need for a New Order mining permit, many freighter pilots, anti-gankers, and rebels alike challenged this assertion that a permit was needed. Seeing the carnage and confusion, James 315 decided he needed to personally address the topic. In the article, James declares that flying a freighter in a number of styles, including but not limited to auto-piloting and flying without escort, are examples of bot-aspirancy which clearly violates The New Halaima Code of Conduct. Towards the end of the article, James also elaborates on permit display requirements, adding that it is the responsibility of a permit owner to ensure that they present their permit to Agents and any additional information needed to confirm the validity of the permit.

January 4, 2014 - CCP Study Vindicates New Order Philosophy
During the term of CSM8 Dr. EyjoG, the former Chief Economic Officer of CCP for the in-game market, made a presentation to the CSM concerning new player retention. The results of the study was that players who joined the game and immediately engaged in solo and/or PvE activities without ever encountering any other form of the sandbox or player communication were most likely to quit playing soon after. We can elaborate on this finding, and make an assumption that the same player who joins, mines for a few months, and then quits would never normally join a player-run corp anyways. With that in mind, when this individual is ganked, say by a New Order knight, we are forcing them to participate in other elements of the game, namely PVP. Contrary to what an anti-ganker or rebel may say, you can see how this level of engagement can only help in retaining more players. Knowing these same players would most definitely quit if nothing else happened, if even 10% of this subset of players who are ganked by The New Order are in some way motivated to action, whether joining The New Order or even becoming part of the rebel force, we can come to the conclusion that what The New Order does for New Eden has a net positive effect on player retention.

June 25, 2013 - The Secret Origins of the New Order
In this piece, James goes into far reaching detail about the days and weeks leading up to the June 24th declaration of The New Order of High Sec's creation. This article explains why the 10m ISK annual permit exists and why it is vital to The New Order's future existence and growth. Unfourtanately, since the article was posted, CCP contacted James 315 and required him to remove the images of CCP petition responses to which James obliged but kept a description of the responses intact.

January 1, 2013 - How the New Order Protects Your Democracy
A common refrain from miners when an agent reminds them of their vote for James 315 as the Savior of High Sec is one along the lines of "I don't remember voting in any election" - Assuming the miner gets over this initial obstacle of thought, they often challenge the agent, asserting that James election was illegitimate and, essentially, a hostile takeover of the democratic process. In the article James explains how democracy is actually being defended and in fact enhanced everyday by himself and his agents.

October 7, 2012 - The New Order Bathroom Protocol
James clarifies the AFK provision of The Code, further elaborating on what is expected of miners when they need to go AFK to use the bathroom. In the post, James refutes the overly-broad accusation by non-compliants that The New Order requires miners to gain permission from an agent before using the bathroom. Rather, asking permission from an agent to use the bathroom is just another alternative option a miner may take if he wishes to remain AFK in space. A miner is not required to ask permission to go to the bathroom provided they dock up first before going AFK.

August 10, 2012 - Clarification on the meaning of "AFK", and the allowance of agents to AFK cloak in space
The post elaborates on the problematic forms of being AFK. To begin with, James makes very clear that an agent idling AFK in space is not a violation of The Code. James moves on to specify out that the only form of AFK that is in direct violation of The Code is when mining is involved.
Originally Posted by James 315
Once again, this makes perfect sense. We would not, for example, threaten to bump someone who was AFK while docked in a station. Nor is it bot-aspirant behavior to be AFK while docked. Mining in highsec is the only situation in which being AFK is problematic.

While The Code is very much open to interpretation by agents while enforcing, we must also be careful not to contradict James himself. A permit holding miner who is AFK in a station, for example, is not in violation of The Code and should not have his permit revoked. The New Order seeks to reform High Sec players, enforcing a play style that forces people to pay attention to their game. We must ensure that our enforcement of the AFK provision is sane; should we begin revoking permits for silly reasons like being AFK in a station not only are we saying James is wrong, we are discrediting the validity of the permit, which hurts our overall goal of reform.